Aurora Landín

The Light of Day

The Light of Day
Pickled Cowboys etching, 15" x 11"

... All Printmakers are familiar with the tradition of the Print Portfolio Exchange, collections of works that represent the best of what’s unique to the medium; sharing of works, an ability to amass a wealth of original art, and – in a world full of “stuff” - a rational motive to create multiples.  The resulting portfolios represent a special gift shared amongst colleagues, lovingly crafted and showcasing diversity of media and approach. 

The unfortunate flip-side of this is that often, all but the most favorite disappear into boxes that reside under beds, in drawers and cupboards and storage shelves, rarely again to see the Light of Day

Guessing at the probable fate of my own contributions to portfolios over the years, this exhibition, presented in 2007 at the Alberta Printmakers Association Gallery in Calgary, AB, was a chance to show a selection of prints from the last dozen or so years.  While my current work often incorporates large printed murals and installations, these portfolio pieces represent an opportunity to really play in the print studio.  Sometimes themed, sometimes not, these prints are really a series of “one-offs” outside my regular body of work; a chance to respond to external content criteria, to explore silly ideas, to riff on past work or poke at friends.  They represent my eclectic visual interests and love of printmaking.

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